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Awesome décor and extra ordinary ambience

A wide range of indoor and outdoor events

Blessings is available for corporate and wedding events




From quality of food along with the fast servings to the quality of décor, everything is done for the sake of customer’s satisfaction and happiness.


Blessings provides rich quantity in all the services so that your big events become pleasantly memorable for you


Our professional team provides extra ordinary services along with the support and suggestions.

Discount Offers

In case of booking three events e.g. Mehandi, Baraat, Walima of a wedding, Blessings will offer you a FREE BRIDAL SHOWER


Blessings was established in 2011, in Main Margalla Road E-11 Islamabad with the vision to encourage and elevate the traditional weddings. Before this, we have served the event management industry as we worked as event Management Company for 9 years. We continuously aspire to display our superior and unmatched wedding services and quality of work in the market, especially in Islamabad. We at Blessings know the art of creating Magic under Canvas for your special events, parties & wedding.
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Corporate Event with UAE Delegation

We were Organizers

MIA Corporate Event

We were Organizers

Another Corporate Event

We were still in business for more opportunities

Blessings was Founded

Our Outdoor Glimpse

Orphans Solidarity Day

We are Bigger and Better, 'The Royals Founded'

Pakistan Day

At The Royals

Growing through your expectations


People Favourites





Our Heritage is part of Culture

Blessings is known for the trust of its customers and quality of the services provided. Blessings Marquee & Events is a complete solution to all the events and catering requirements of a client. Please Come and see the tremendous change in blessings marquee. We provide complete range of all the services for wedding receptions, promotional events, corporate events and private functions. Blessings introduces Chinese and continental cuisine along with sizzling touch of desi food.

If you are unsure of what you need please contact us and we will endeavor to provide the information and help to prepare a marquee suitable for your requirements.

Muhammad Ashraf ShahbazFounder and chairman Blessings and the Royals projects
Hospitality is almost impossible to teach and It’s all about hiring the right people.
Don’t hire people to fill a position, select people to fulfill a dream and to serve a purpose.
It’s all about commitments. Quality quantity and fast servings are our Motto.
I have identified the four key strategic decisions that formed the rock-solid foundation of four seasons.
These are now known as the four pillars of our business model.
They are quality, service, culture, and brand.
The little things make the big things possible.
Only close attention to the fine details of any operation makes the operation first class.
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